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Welcome to Stats for Startups, a research project that seeks to illuminate and mitigate bias in early-stage financing.

A collaboration between Charge Ventures and Professor Alessandro Piazza of Rice Business School, our goal is to make better benchmarking for common startup KPIs freely available to all entrepreneurs. The project is made possible through generous support from the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation for Entrepreneurial Research. We also want to thank Crunchbase for providing us with access to its one of a kind database abound with examples of the metrics we have researched and catalogued.

Venture capital decision making is notoriously opaque. As VC becomes metrics-driven, it is more important than ever for Entrepreneurs to understand their KPIs and how VCs evaluate them. This is especially important for new entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds who often lack access to warm introductions and whisper numbers. KPIs are particularly hard to come by for very early-stage startups due to their stealthy nature, high mortality rate, and focus on action vs. observation.

To build our database, we have anonymously aggregated, normalized, and analyzed KPIs from thousands of startups decks across the web and our archives. Most large funds already do this to some extent, they just don’t share with everyone else. That's where we're changing the game.

The Charge Ventures Team

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